(Write-up credit: KMARIE -- Photo credit: Paris Dupree)

     Miami-based indie rockers Sleep Recital are creating mini-shockwaves in the underground alternative scene thanks in part to their thought-provoking lyrical content and genre-bending versatility. Band members Nathan McAllister (singer/songwriter/guitar), Nathan Pritchard (synths/guitar), and Brian Seffer (drummer) formed an alliance after discovering their mutual love of “rich musical complexity”, having benefited from their close camaraderie and similar tastes in tunes.

     Sleep Recital’s unique blend of alternative, rock, and electronica has spawned their own original sound – influenced by the likes of Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and The Cure – to cultivate and produce a distinctive brand of indie music.

     The band recently released their debut self-titled album. Get it on iTunes: